Lake Almanor Resort
2683 Big Springs Road
Lake Almanor, CA 96137

Park Rules

CHECK-IN: 1:00pm
SITE LIMIT: Each Site is limited to six (6) persons, regardless of age
The Site Limit applies to Registered Guests and Visitors combined
Visitors, invited by Registered Guests, must not arrive prior to 9:00am and must depart prior to 10:00pm

DOGS: Dogs are limited to two (2)
Dogs MUST be on a leash, in hand, at all times
Dogs may not be tethered, tied or otherwise restrained outside of your RV unless you are with them.
Length of tethered line must keep dog within your Site and within your reach.
               Dogs MAY NOT be left unattended in your RV.  If you leave the Park, the Dogs must go with you.
The following breads are NOT permitted on Park property:
German Shepherd, Doberman, Pit Bill (aka: American Bull Dog), Rhotwielier, All Wolf Breads (2)
If your dog looks like or is substantially similar to any of the above, your dog will not be permitted on
Park property. Visitors MAY NOT bring Dogs onto Park property.

SEWER CONNECTION: Sewer connections must be of the threaded and locking type. If you do not have a threaded and locking sewer fitting, please see Park Management BEFORE connecting to the Park sewer system.

A $50.00 minimum fee will apply to ANY sewage spill, regardless of size.

Additional charges may apply depending upon the size of the spill. Please see following page for an approved fitting.

FIRES: Wood fires of any type are strictly prohibited as per local regulations
Bar-B-Q's: Using propane as a fuel are permitted. A lid or closing door is required to contain any flare-up.
Bar-B-Q's: The use of wood, charcoal or briquets is subject to local restrictions. Check with Park Staff
BEFORE using ANY Bar-B-Q, other than Propane.
FIRE PITS: Propane fire pits are permitted. Caution, no additional fuel may be added. Propane only.

PARKING: Only ONE Vehicle, in addition to your RV, may be parked at your Site. 

RV AIR CONDITIONING: If you leave the Park, DO NOT leave your A/C on.

              Additional parking is available. Please ask the Park Staff in regards to additional parking for                    extra vehicles and boat trailer parking.

We request that all Visitors and boat trailers park in the additional parking area, not at your Site.

SIGNS:  No signs may be posted on your RV or within your assigned Site.  This includes:  FOR SALE,  FOR RENT and any Telephone Numbers or Addresses.

2683 Big Springs Road, Lake Almanor, CA 96137