This is a small RV Park with 13 RV Sites

Previously the RV Park was part of a larger operation known as Lake Almanor Resort
Although the name Lake Almanor Resort still exists, it would be erroneous to call the
RV Park a Resort.  Therefore, we have registered the name Lake Almanor RV Park
and go by the name: Lake Almanor RV Park.

The actual RV Park is only about one third of the total property.  The remaining two thirds remain as "native", though groomed and maintained in a respectable condition.
From times past there are 4 cabins that are yet to be "re-conditioned" and are not
currently being used.

In 2019 the RV Park was given considerable attention with re-grading of the RV Sites
and roadways. New gravel was brought in and the roadways and RV Sites were completely resurfaced. Additionally, a new Main Electric panel was installed as the old one was quite antiquated. Once a new electric panel was in place, it was obvious that all of the "boxes" at the RV Sites were long past their "use by date"
Therefore, new electric panels were installed at each Site, along with new water faucets and updated sewer fittings.

So, for the RV Park, we are up to date.

We have plenty of room for parking vehicles and boat trailers.
Though we request that you park only one vehicle at your Site and any additional
vehicles in the designated parking area.  Please discuss parking when checking in.

Our accomodations are limited since we used the original RV Park layout and our ability to accomodate "big rigs" is limited. So, when you make a Reservation, please know the length of your RV. Length is tip to tip, front to rear. Length includes any rear overhang (bike rack, storage box) and the tongue, if applicable. 
When in doubt, please take the time to obtain an exact measurement. 
Do not go by the manufacturers model designation.

If you have any questions, please call: 253-312-2111
We will do our very best to accomodate you and your RV.

2683 Big Springs Road, Lake Almanor, CA 96137